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Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Program Areas
Current 2nd Semester Courses
Students Enrolled in CTE Classes

The Student Achievement Goal aims to prepare students for opportunities after high school graduation. Our primary goal is to increase the percentage of Chehalis graduates earning the postsecondary credentials they need to be responsible, contributing citizens.

CTE Program Areas at W.F. West

  • Agriculture

  • Business & Marketing

  • Family & Consumer Sciences

  • Health Sciences

  • Skilled & Technical Sciences

  • STEM

Mark Westley, CTE Director, email

Students in Career and Technical Education programs graduate at a significantly higher percentage rate than the national average. CTE provides relevant, real-world learning opportunities that capture students’ attention and commitment to completion.

Dr. Christine Moloney, Superintendent

CTE provides students an opportunity to choose a unique path that complements their talents and interests. Our courses and teachers prepare them with the knowledge and skills that are valued in postsecondary training programs, work, and life.

Rick Goble, Executive Director of Student Achievement

Advisory committees advise, assist, and provide support and advocacy for quality CTE programs. Members have the opportunity to learn more about the CTE program, increase their understanding of the job market, employers’ needs, and community opportunities.

Chehalis CTE

Career Pathways
CTE classes fall into one of 16 “career clusters.” A career cluster is a group of jobs and industries that are related by skills or products. Within each cluster, there are pathways that correspond to a collection of courses and training opportunities to prepare students for a chosen career.

CTE Pathways to Centralia College

High School and Beyond

The High School and Beyond Plan is a graduation requirement for every student. It’s a process for students, parents, and teachers to guide students through high school and think about their future. Plans are personalized and designed to help students set, visualize, and work to achieve goals.

To learn more about the High School and Beyond Plans, contact the counseling center at W.F. West High School

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