The Chehalis School District adopted the 2020-2021 budget in June 2020. A copy is published here electronically and it is on file at the District Office located at 310 SW 16th Street Chehalis, WA 98532. A copy of the budget and a summary of the four-year budget plan will be furnished to any person who calls upon the District for it. Please contact Heather C. Pinkerton at or (360) 807-7200 for a copy or with questions or comments.

View 2020-21 Budget
View 2020-21 4-year Budget

The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction provides detailed school apportionment and financial information. Please visit their website at to get this information.

Complete and audited financial statements will be available at the State Auditor’s Office website at  the spring following the August 31st close of each fiscal year.

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