Welcome to the Chehalis Student Support webpage. You will find information about special education and 504 plans, answers to frequently asked questions, and ways to contact the Student Support team.

Student Support works with families to meet the needs of students with disabilities, both students in special education and those with 504 plans. Supporting students takes a team–which includes the student, parent(s)/ guardian(s), general and/or special education teachers, administrators, and, sometimes, other service providers. Together, we support students to improve achievement, access instruction through modernized practices, and prepare for college and career readiness.

IEP or 504?

Special Education and Section 504 both address the needs of students with disabilities, however, there are significant differences between the two programs. Please see the Special Education or 504 web pages for additional information. 

Special Education page
  • Student has a disability/ies

  • Disability adversely affects education

  • An evaluation is required

  • Student requires specially designed instruction to access his/ her education

  • Curriculum and grading is modified

Section 504 page
  • The student has or is regarded as having a disability

  • Disability adversely affects education

  • An evaluation is required
  • Student requires accommodations to access his/ her education

  • NO modification to curriculum or grades

  • For elementary students, please contact the assistant principal

Child Find

I suspect my child has a disability

Child Find is the process of locating, evaluating, and identifying all children with suspected disabilities, aged 3 to 21 years old, who reside within the boundaries of Chehalis School District; this includes students who are attending private schools, homeless, and/ or migratory. WAC 392.172A.02040

If you suspect that your child has difficulty learning, thinking, moving, speaking, seeing, hearing, managing emotions, or using self-help skills, please visit this page. For more information contact ChildFind@chehalisschools.org.

Student Support Contact

For more information please contact Student Support:
Address: 2025 SW Salsbury Ave
Chehalis, WA 98532
Fax: 360-748-8767 
Phone: 360-807-7245
Email: studentsupport@chehalisschools.org

For Special Education records, please provide a records release by email to studentsupport@chehalisschools.org or fax to (360) 748-8767