Name Email Position
Dr. Christine Moloney Email Superintendent
Trisha Smith Email Assistant Superintendent
Heather Pinkerton Email Director of Business and Operations
Debby Gregory Email

Director of Human Resources

Derek McMillion Email Facilities Supervisor
Brian Adams Email Mental Health Intervention Specialist
Katie Howell Email Director of Special Education
Julie McLeod Email District Data Coordinator
Valerie Evans Email Human Resources Specialist
Gayle Meister Email District Administrative Support Secretary
Daniel Bryant Email Technology Coordinator
Teresa Madrid Email District Accountant
Gladis Mendez Email Business and Operations Specialist
Christie Barton Email Accounts Payable
Kathy Maslowski Email Director of Payroll
Kathy Kelly Email Payroll Tech
Robert Lucas Email TOSA – Staff Development
Tara Phillips Email District Office Receptionist
Todd Thornburg Email TOSA – Staff Development
Andy Lynch Email Communications Coordinator