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Meet Your Transportation Team

Contact Information

1119 W. Chestnut St., Centralia, WA 98531
Office: (360) 330-7628
Fax: (360) 330-7591

Gibb Kingsley, Director of Transportation
Dale Dunham, Asst. Director of Transportation
Kari Settle – Secretary/Bookkeeper
Anne Snyder – Secretary/Dispatcher
Harvey Bamford – Shop Supervisor

Drivers Wanted!

The Chehalis School District, in conjunction with the Centralia/Chehalis Pupil Transportation Coop, is always seeking substitute school bus drivers. For more information about the qualification and conditions of employment please go to Classified Staff Position.

For additional details and to set up an interview contact Dale Dunham at (360) 330-7628.

Inclement Weather

In an attempt to provide the Chehalis School District parents and students the best and most reliable information concerning school closures and inclement weather, we will post any changes on each schools web page. You may also visit the “FlashAlert” as to the current status of the schools. They will post any alterations in our school/transportation scheduling starting no later than 6:00 a.m.

NOTE: “Winter Snow Route” adjustments apply to both the ride in to school and the ride home. We ask that you make every attempt NOT to contact the schools, transportation office, or radio stations regarding school closures.

Winter Snow / Emergency Closure

As winter approaches, we are encouraging students to wear coats and clothing appropriate for these colder temperatures. We would also like to remind parents to listen to the local radio stations for changes in school schedules due to winter conditions.

Inclement Weather / Snow Routes

During inclement weather conditions, buses will be running a few minutes late due to road conditions. Pick-up times and locations will be as close to the regular schedules as possible unless radio announcements state otherwise. In the interest of safety for our bus-riding students, the following route changes will be in effect for ALL the (A.M. and P.M. routes) when it is announced that buses are running on WINTER SNOW ROUTES.

Guidelines & Procedures

The following are guidelines we want you to have in case we experience snow or icy weather conditions.

  1. Announcements on school closures will be made starting at 6:00 am on the above radio stations. Please do not call the transportation office.
  2. If it becomes necessary to dismiss school early due to weather or other conditions, you child will be sent home in the usual manner unless we have been previously notified in writing of an alternate plan.
  3. When it is necessary to dismiss school early due to weather and / or other conditions, your child will be sent to their normal destination unless we have been previously notified in writing of an alternate plan. If you have not filled out the emergency dismissal form, we encourage you to complete this form during the fall conference week.
  4. Your written request must include the names of other people to whom we are able to release your child in these situations.
  5. Please discuss these alternate plans with your child(ren) so they will not be confused or upset should such an emergence arise.
  6. Schools will be delayed either one or two hours. Check below to see the start time of the school your child(ren) attend.
    School 1 Hour 2 Hour
    James W. Lintott Elementary 9:30 am 10:30 am
    Orin C. Smith Elementary 9:30 am 10:130 am
    Chehalis Middle School 9:20 am 10:20 am
    W.F. West High School 9:15 am 10:15 am
    Green Hill Academic School

The safety of your child is always our first concern. We need you and your child to share this responsibility with us. Thank you for your cooperation and assistance.

Radio Stations

KELA 1470 AM
Live95 95.1 FM
KITI 1420 AM
KMNT 104.3 FM
KXXO (Mixx96) 96.1 FM
KOMO-TV Channel 4
KING-TV Channel 5
KIRO-TV Channel 7

Snow Routes

Will have NO CHANGES to these Routes, expect delays.

Delete Tillicum & Kennicott Rd. Alternate Locations: Will be made at 121 Wallace RD (7:30am)

Delete Prospect hill, Alternate Location: Will be at 11th and Washington (7:45am)

Delete Devereese (uphill). Alternate Location: Devereese & Shorey (7:25) – Students North of Galaxie Rd & Roberts Drive in the Newuakum Heights, Alternate Location: Roberts Drive and Glalaxie Rd (7:35). Students on Devereese, Alternate Location: Devereese and Galaxie Rd (7:35).

Delete Nix Rd, Alternate Location: Hwy 603 and Nix Rd (7:40).

Delete Tune Rd between Hwy 603 and Shorey Rd, Alternate Location: Tune Rd and Shorey Rd (7:35)

Delete Devereese Stops NORTH of Galaxie, Alternate Location: Devereese and Galaxie Rd (7:20) Second Alternate Location: Devereese and Shorey Rd (7:35)

Delete All Stops going up Brockway Rd, including Elm View, Waters, Sunset Dr, Brian and Hemlock.  Alternate Location:: Sterns and Chilvers (7:15) and Chilvers and Kray (7:20).

Delete 250 to 282 Hwy 603, Alternate Location: At the Dairy (7:30).

Delete All Stops going up Whitney, Alternate Location: Scheuber and Whitney (7:20)

Delete North Star, Alternate Location: North Star and Rush Rd (7:30)

Delete Hillcrest, Alternate Location: Hillcrest and Jackson Hwy (7:15).

Bus does not go up beyond Dairy on MaComber Rd, Turn-a-round at the Diary on MaComber Rd (7:25).

Delete Chehalis Valley Dr. Alternate Location: Chehalis Vallye Rd and Jackson Hwy (7:44)

Delete Sanderson Rd, Alternate Location: Sanderson and Jackson Hwy (7:48)

Delete Coulson and Koontz Rd, Alternate Location: Coulson and Hwy 508 (7:05)

Delete Upper Middle Fork Rd, Alternate Location: Middle Fork Rd and Rosebrook Rd (7:30)

Delete North of Centralia Alpha Rd (North Fork, Lucas Creek, Senn,and Oppelt Roads), Alternate Location: The Fire Station at Centralia Alpha Road and North Fork (7:25).

Delete Tauscher Rd, Alternate Location: Taucher Rd and North Fork Rd (7:35)

Delete Yates Rd and Hewitt Rd, Alternate Location: Yates Rd and Logan Hill Rd (7:45), Hewitt Rd and North Fork (7:10), and Hewitt Rd and Logan Hill Rd (7:40).

Delete Pattee Rd, Alternate Location: Pattee Rd and Logan Hill Rd (7:15)

No Changes unless notified by the Transportation Office.

No bus service on Tune Rd, Shoreline Dr., Cedar, Brace, Florida, or Airport Roads. When flood condition exist, the alternate location will be as close as possible to barriers. Students should proceed with extreme caution whenever in the vicinity of high water.

Keep in Mind:  Wading through flood waters is dangerous for several reasons. First, flood waters can be moving at a rapid pace. Before you know it, you can be swept away and drown. Next, flood water can contain hundreds of different chemicals that are harmful for the body. In addition, bacteria and other microorganisms can cause disease and infection.

What’s the flood condition where I live?