VISIONS program from the street

The VISIONS program is designed to prepare 18-21-year-old students with disabilities for post-secondary education, employment, and independent living. 

Students in the VISIONS program work and engage in the community, with classroom-based support, to develop successful workplace skills, attitudes, and behaviors, through facilitated opportunities. Students develop interpersonal skills such as communication and setting healthy boundaries, and community safety skills such as using public transportation and problem-solving. 

Examples of activities include:

  • Learning to prepare meals by planning a menu, writing a shopping list, buying groceries, cooking, and cleaning up afterward.
  • Developing employment skills through writing a resume, practicing email etiquette, practicing workplace-ready hygiene (proper bathing, dressing, and professional appearance), completing assigned tasks, and filling out timecards.
  • Planning a leisure activity by arranging transportation, budgeting funds for entrance fees and activities, and enjoying the activity with peers.
Student placement in the VISIONS program is an IEP team decision, as the program is designed to meet the needs of students who need additional services for success in post-secondary education, employment, or independent living. Talk with your student’s IEP case manager about having this discussion at an IEP team meeting. Chehalis students provide valuable assistance in the school district and out in our community. Within the school district, students provide support the Technology Department, W. F. West High School’s Main Office, and Lintott Elementary School’s Main Office.