RCW 28A.210.410 requires schools to create an action plan that meets the technical guidance and is done in consultation with the local or state health department.  The plan must be shared with our school community.  

The District received correspondence from the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) dated July 29, 2022, informing us that the DOH recently tested the drinking water for potential lead contamination in schools in our district.  On May 18, 2022, samples were taken from Chehalis Middle School and W.F. West High School.  In response to receipt of the testing results, one fixture was turned off and will remain off until the fixture is replaced, retesting occurs, and favorable results are received.  Five additional fixtures will also be replaced.  Once the fixtures are replaced, the District will request that DOH return and retest the water.  We expect that the replacement of the fixtures will resolve the issue.  

Information about the health effects of lead can be found on the DOH website at www.doh.wa.gov