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In 2013, the Chehalis School District established a vision to improve student achievement, modernize instructional practices, and prepare students for careers and college. The Student Achievement Initiative has evolved over the years and now it is part of our educational culture. Preparing students for the journey ahead, that is our goal.

Data-Informed Solutions

A Partnership with the BERC Group

The BERC Group is an educational evaluation, research, and consulting firm focused on putting research into practice. This partnership is designed to strengthen instructional practices in Chehalis classrooms, focus on college and career readiness, and instill a culture of data use throughout the district.

The BERC Group works with the district to create a culture of data use. A district data team convened and developed a data use framework. This team worked with The BERC Group to identify metrics for custom data dashboards at the district and school levels. Click the reports below to learn more about the BERC Group’s findings.

The BERC Group

Summer Melt

Click Here to download the BERC Report on Summer Melt June 2019

The BERC Group

Postsecondary Re-engagement Study

The SAI Showcase, held October 5, 2023 at W.F. West High School, was a celebration of the completion of the first decade of work in SAI for those who have been involved, as well as a chance to introduce some new faces to the work of Chehalis SAI. Almost 50 non-district guests attended the event.

“The foundation of our SAI is our teachers and their focus on instructional practices and building strong relationships with students,” explains Executive Director of Student Achievement Rick Goble. “I wanted to do something to honor the teachers and students because they have done so much work.”

To celebrate the incredible progress made, district leadership, community members, donors, staff, and students came together for the 2023 SAI Showcase, captured in this video and culminating in a Student EXPO. Read more in the October 13, 2023 Friday Connect

Chehalis School Districts’ commitment to Instructional Improvement for our teaching staff results in students prepared to collaborate, learn together, and respect the perspectives and values of others.

Trisha Smith, Assistant Superintendent

The key ingredients for the SAI has been teachers willing to take risks and try new things plus unprecedented community support to do great things for students.

Bob Walters, Principal, W.F. West High School

Because of the support from the Chehalis Foundation and community donors, we are able to provide unprecedented opportunities for all students in Chehalis.

Rick Goble, Executive Director of Student Achievement

Stories of Achievement

Click here to download the 2023 SAI Annual Presentation