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Student Achievement Initiative



Over the past seven years, postgraduate enrollment immediately after high school has increased by 25%.



The class of 2020 had a 96% graduation rate! Compare this to a state average of 80.9 %



Of the class of 2018 who attended Centralia College, 54% have earned a credential. Centralia College’s average completion rate is 37%

The Problem:

In 2013 only 20% of W.F. West graduates went on to complete a postsecondary credential.

According to Washington Roundtable, which is a non-profit organization of senior executives from major employers in the state, more and more, the jobs available in our state are being filled by workers who have completed a postsecondary credential. (see

Our Solution

In 2013, the Chehalis School District established a vision to improve student achievement, modernize instructional practices, and prepare students for careers and college.

Our Goal

The Student Achievement Initiative aims to prepare students for opportunities after high school graduation. Our primary goal is to increase the percentage of Chehalis students going on to earn college degrees and certifications from 20 percent to 60 percent beginning with the W.F. West High School graduating class of 2022.

How we’re going to do it!

We can reach this goal if we maintain a high graduation rate, increase postsecondary enrollment of high school graduates in colleges, military, or trade-schools, and if we re-engage students who leave the education system.

Data-Driven Solutions

A Partnership with the BERC Group

The BERC Group is an educational evaluation, research, and consulting firm focused on putting research into practice. This partnership is designed to strengthen instructional practices in Chehalis classrooms, focus on college and career readiness, and instill a culture of data use throughout the district.

The BERC Group works with the district to create a culture of data use. A district data team convened and developed a data use framework. This team worked with The BERC Group to identify metrics for custom data dashboards at the district and school levels. Click the reports below to learn more about the BERC Group’s findings.

The BERC Group

Summer Melt

Click Here to download the BERC Report on Summer Melt June 2019

The BERC Group

Postsecondary Re-engagement Study

Chehalis School Districts’ commitment to Instructional Improvement for our teaching staff results in students prepared to collaborate, learn together, and respect the perspectives and values of others.

Trisha SmithTrisha Smith, Assistant Superintendent

I believe W.F. West students have an incredible opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology. We are so thankful for the support for the Ingwersen endowment, the Smith family endowment, and the Chehalis Foundation.

Bob WaltersBob Walters, Principal, W.F. West High School

The SAI is focused on preparing every Chehalis student with the tools to go beyond a high school diploma and to be successful in earning a credential, whether it be a technical certificate or a college degree.

Brian D. Fox, PhD, Assistant Superintendent
Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Stories of Achievement

Click here to download the SAI Annual report