The skills our students will need to be successful in their careers are rapidly changing. The use of technology continues to increase in the workplace and continued education after high school is more valuable than ever. Because of this, the Chehalis School District has launched a major new initiative working with all of our teachers and administrators to prepare students to succeed in college and a meaningful career.

Chehalis School District is dramatically raising the expectations of future successes for our students by improving & modernizing our instructional practices and creating a school culture that prepares students for careers and post-secondary education after high school.

Over the past decade, 20% of W.F. West graduates have continued on to earn a four-year degree. A college degree does not guarantee job success, but it significantly increases the likelihood. Our goal over the next 10 years is to increase this number to 60% of Chehalis graduates earning a four-year college degree or completing a vocational or certificate program, any of which would lead them to a meaningful career. We will achieve this growth by following three instructional strategy goals listed to the right.

Printable Student Achievement Initiatives Flyer

student achievement goals