Student Safety Is Our Priority

In the Chehalis School District, we take safety seriously. Whether it’s crossing guards helping them get safely to school or staff undergoing training to be prepared in the case of an emergency, the social, emotional and physical safety of our students is a priority for all staff. Our safety initiatives are led by Security & Safety Officers Todd Thornburg and Troy Thornburg.

Chehalis School District’s Safety Measures

  • Two Security & Safety Officers who patrol our schools and plan safety measures

  • Navigate 360 ALICE Training for all staff and students

  • More than 300 cameras throughout Chehalis School District property
  • Collaboration with local law enforcement on training and strategies for deterring crime on campus
  • Offering anonymous reporting forms to encourage students to report illegal activities they witness

What You Can Do To Help

Helpful Links

Harassment Intimidation and Bullying incident Reporting Form

More Safety Information