W.F. West High School

Jan 15, 2020

Chehalis Middle School students learn about college and careers from W.F. West graduates

2020-01-15T14:10:11-08:00January 15th, 2020|Chehalis Middle School, Chehalis School District, W.F. West High School|

As part of a College and Military panel held in December, Chehalis Middle School students heard about college opportunities from W.F. West High School graduates currently enrolled in college, as well as members of the U.S. military, who shared information about their careers.  Event participants, many of whom were home for Winter break from their [...]

Nov 19, 2019

W.F. West High School students explore career and college opportunities at 11th annual event

2019-11-19T11:59:26-08:00November 19th, 2019|Chehalis School District, W.F. West High School|

On Thursday, November 7, W.F. West High School hosted the 11th annual Career and College Fair.  The event featured 48 representatives from community colleges, technical colleges, universities and vocational/trade programs.  W.F. West High School students were joined by students from Adna High School, with approximately 972 students attending the event to learn more about opportunities available to them after high [...]

Apr 24, 2019

Marine biology students visit Point Grenville tide pools

2019-07-16T10:06:12-07:00April 24th, 2019|Chehalis School District, W.F. West High School|

Juniors and seniors in Gena Dalan’s Marine Biology class participated in a special learning experience with a field trip to explore tide pools at Point Grenville. The field trip was led by Scott Mazzone, marine fish and shellfish biologist who works through the Quinault Indian Nation. For the past six years, Scott has presented to [...]

Apr 24, 2019

Career and Technical courses help students gain employment skills

2019-07-16T10:08:06-07:00April 24th, 2019|Chehalis School District, W.F. West High School|

W.F. West high school students are gaining employability skills that can help them transition to the next step after high school, whether that is a job or further education and training. One example of this is the school’s welding program, which allows students to try several types of welding and even earn college credit or [...]

Mar 13, 2019

Medical terminology class helps prepare students for healthcare careers

2019-07-16T10:09:01-07:00March 13th, 2019|Chehalis School District, W.F. West High School|

W.F. West High School students are gaining skills that will lead them to a career in the medical field thanks to a medical terminology class taught by Josh Petersen. Petersen, who is also the school’s athletic trainer, is teaching the new class which enables students to earn dual credit. This means that students earn credit [...]

Feb 6, 2019

W.F. West student serves as page in the House of Representatives

2019-02-07T12:33:39-08:00February 6th, 2019|Chehalis School District, W.F. West High School|

Curtice Gordon, a junior from W.F. West High School, traveled to Olympia recently to serve as a page in the state House of Representatives. He was sponsored by his 19th District Rep. Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen. “I learned a lot,” said Curtice. “It’s really eye-opening to see the legislative process and watch proposed laws being debated. [...]

Aug 14, 2018

Cong. Herrera Beutler visits as students get a science boost from UW Medicine Researchers in Summer STEM Program

2019-01-24T13:46:25-08:00August 14th, 2018|Chehalis School District, W.F. West High School|

More than 40 researchers and UW Medicine volunteers representing 19 labs gave aspiring Lewis County high school students a glimpse into the world of cutting-edge  biomedical research in August at a STEM Camp held at W.F. West High School and in UW Medicine labs in Seattle. The camp is funded by the Chehalis Foundation. In [...]

Jul 11, 2018

W.F. West graduate creates one-of-a-kind artwork for school

2018-07-11T14:12:12-07:00July 11th, 2018|Chehalis School District, W.F. West High School|

W.F. West Class of 1963 graduate Jerry Spady has made a special contribution to the school and students in the form of an original work of art. Entitled, “Homage to the Sciences,” the large sculpture includes detailed components from Biology, Genetics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Molecular Genetics, Earth, and Space sciences. Spady was inspired to create [...]