A team of parents, community members, and educators has been formed to serve as an advisory to the school board after they examine and evaluate facilities throughout the district.

The Capital Facilities Needs Advisory Committee (CFNAC) was commissioned by the Superintendent, Dr. Christine Moloney, to provide the Chehalis School Board a thoughtfully crafted list of capital projects prioritized to direct project planning over time.

The Chehalis School District Operations Department is responsible for building, maintaining, and improving our school properties in a manner that supports student success, safety and comfort to the users, and community pride in appearance.

“In Chehalis, these kinds of decisions are made carefully, with the constant reminder that funding of public schools comes from . . . the public,” said Moloney. “The spending of tax-payer dollars is done very publicly, through conservative planning, cautious oversight over time, and at the direction of our elected school board.”

The advisory committee will hold its first meeting on January 18. They are charged with the task of developing a Facilities Master Plan.

Over the next several months, members of CFNAC will consider the health of the economy, statutory requirements, financing methods, and the financial capacity of the district and its citizens as they develop the Facilities Master Plan.

The Facilities Master Plan will serve as a guide used to determine and prioritize long-term needs of the district in the following areas: new construction, remodel or replacement construction, program improvements, life cycle improvements, land disposition, and housing. It will be the backbone for strategic capital facilities planning and is intended to help the district maintain the momentum already begun in providing educational classroom and program requirements for Chehalis students and families.

In preparation for this work, Superintendent Moloney has asked Capital Projects Coordinator Ed Rothlin, and Director of Business and Operations Heather C. Pinkerton to facilitate the committee meetings and lead committee members in the work. They will hold nine meetings over the next several months, changing locations each time and touring facilities.

“We have some facilities to be very proud of, some facilities that need some TLC, and some facilities that are not meeting our needs – instructionally or otherwise,” shared Dr. Moloney. “The Capital Facilities Needs Advisory Committee will do an in-depth review of our facilities, then prioritize identified needs, taking many things into consideration, including instructional needs and public input.”

“Clearly, the management of tax-payer dollars is done very publicly,” said Director of Business and Operations Heather Pinkerton. “If the board directs us, this advisory committee will draft propositions for the board to consider placing before voters.”

Parents, staff, and community members are encouraged to engage in the process of learning through dialogue and conversation. You will be encouraged to share your thoughts and ideas regarding the school district’s facilities. Watch for invitations to join the conversation, and visit the new Facilities webpage to stay connected.