Dear Orin Smith Families,

What an outstanding month September 2022 has been and we are here to embrace what the future holds. Please join me in giving a huge shout out to teachers; they have been remarkable this first month of school and have been working relentlessly to ensure your student has the best possible experience for this school year. Our teachers at Orin Smith Elementary are stellar and I am truly humbled to work alongside them. We believe a strong partnership and a collaborative spirit between school and home is the best support system for our students.  

In September we kicked off the year with a NED assembly.  NED’s mission mindset aligns with Orin Smith Elementary’s mindset.  Specifically, it centers around three important messages:  Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best.  Throughout the year, we will continue to support and celebrate students and their positive choices.  

Students will be supported through character-building lessons in their classrooms, as well as weekly social skills lessons.  There are multiple opportunities to celebrate students for their positive choices including, but not limited to:  bi-monthly lunchroom shoutout rewards, monthly character award assemblies, grade-level rewards every six weeks and the Rotary Club “Terrific Kids” program.   For additional information, click on this link

As students settle into the daily routines, they may test boundaries or have conflicts with peers. When you hear from your child about a conflict and have concerns, please be sure to connect first with the classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will help with problem solving and will refer the situation to administration if necessary.

Your diligence in keeping students at home when they are not feeling well is appreciated and needed. Your communication with the school is an important step and will help us keep students healthy and safe. 

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Rachel Dorsey, OSE Principal

Orin C. Smith Elementary
“It’s a Great Day to be an Orin Smith Cougar”

Rachel DorseyPrincipal of Orin C. Smith Elementary School