Approximately 50 W.F. West High School students attended November’s Career Spotlight which featured professionals working in the fields of counseling and mental health.  Special guest speakers were:  Autumn Ledgerwood (Chehalis School District Counselor working at Chehalis Middle School and W.F. West High School), Becky Smith (Counselor at W.F. West High School) and W.F. West alumni Katie Meier (Private Practice Counselor).

Students learned about the educational requirements for a career in counseling or mental health, including advanced degree requirements and potential majors. Participants shared details about their jobs, opportunities that helped them pursue their careers, and details about what they like best about their jobs and/or what might have surprised them about their field of work.

“We are so appreciative of these wonderful and seasoned professionals who took time out of their day to share their insights, knowledge and experience with our students,” said College Prep Advisor Kerri Chaput. “Our career spotlight events would not be possible without them!”

Careers are selected based on a student interest survey. Past Career Spotlights have included the fields of education, aviation, forensic science, law enforcement, fish and wildlife, nursing, engineering, and theater,  to name a few.

Monthly Career Spotlight events are part of the Student Achievement Initiative with a Career and College Readiness focus. Chehalis School District’s goal is for graduates be career prepared and successfully obtain a meaningful certificate or college degree post-graduation. Aware, eligible and prepared = ready.