2013, the Chehalis School District established a vision to improve student achievement, modernize instructional practices, and prepare students for college and careers. This vision developed out of the changing social and economic needs of the community. It was embraced by the school board and The Chehalis Foundation, a community organization deeply committed to helping the community achieve success.

As part of this initiative, the district and its partners set a goal to increase the percent of W.F. West graduates to 60%, earning a meaningful post-secondary degree or certificate beginning with the class of 2022. Post-secondary degrees and certificates include 2-year college completion, 4-year college completion, certificate programs, and apprenticeship programs.

When the collaborative initiative was conceived, student persistence to a meaningful degree or certification in the community was low. College enrollment and persistence data from the National Student Clearinghouse for W.F. West High School graduates showed a completion rate of approximately 20 percent.

The Student Achievement Initiative includes three broad objectives:

  • Improve student achievement by increasing the quality of instruction.
  • Modernize instructional practices, communications, and district practices.
  • Prepare students for career and college readiness.

Chehalis School District is dramatically raising the expectations of our students’ future successes by improving & modernizing our instructional practices and creating a school culture that prepares students for careers and post-secondary education after high school.

student achievement goals