Recovery Services

Since March 2020, there have been many changes and impacts to education, as the pandemic has impacted and influenced all parts of life, including school. The pandemic has made learning hard for some students receiving special education services, and these students may need “Recovery Services” to return their learning back to where it should be.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Recovery Services are additional special education services to address the lack of appropriate progress on pre-pandemic IEP goals for missed or limited services, or for other reasons as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
    • All students with IEPs need their goal progress reviewed and considered, to determine if they require Recovery Services. 
    • The Recovery Services discussion should take place at the next annual IEP meeting, which includes the parent/ guardian/ adult student and all SDI/ related services providers.
  • ALL students, general or special education, have been impacted by the pandemic. Special Education Recovery Services are intended to be in addition to general education recovery services and will address specific IEP goals/ qualifying areas.
  • The IEP team, which includes the parent(s)/ guardian(s), will meet to review your child’s progress and determine if Recovery Services are needed. 
  • Students who may need Recovery Services include those who did not make the progress anticipated by the IEP written before the pandemic. 
    • Students may have been impacted by the pandemic (internet, school closures, increased absences if diagnosed with COVID-19 or in quarantine, hybrid scheduling, etc.). 
    • Some students may not have received all of the services indicated on their Continuous Learning Plan for March-June 2020.
  • The IEP team will consider your student’s progress on their IEP goals. If the appropriate progress was not made, the team will consider if the pandemic affected your student’s growth. 
  • Recovery Services are usually provided outside of the school day, such as over breaks, or before or after school. Occasionally, students may need additional instruction during the school day.

During summer of 2023, Chehalis Schools will provide Recovery Services for the last few students demonstrating a need for additional support due to impacts of the pandemic. Communicate with your child’s case manager for additional information.

No, ESY and Recovery Services are not the same. ESY services help students maintain skills related to their IEP goals, while Recovery Services move students forward on their IEP goals.