Dear Parents,

We are really excited about the Sport Stacking unit we are currently doing in PE.  Sport Stacking is an exciting sport where students stack and unstack 12 specially designed cups (Speed Stacks).  Sport Stacking uses both sides of the body and brain to develop important athletic and academic skills.

One of our goals, as Physical Educators, is to promote activity at home through positive alternatives to computer, television, and video game screen time. We believe that Sport Stacking is a unique, fun, and simple activity that motivates kids to get up and move.

We have Speed Stacks Sets and StackMats for students to purchase here at the school with the added benefit of raising funds for our PE program. Here’s why you should participate:

  • Sport Stacking is healthy for kids.
  • Regular Sets are $25.00. Pro Series Sets are $30.00. StackMats (mat, timer, and gear bag) are $30.00. You pay no shipping, PLUS, the school will earn a percentage of your purchase in equipment for our PE program.
  • Speed Stacks Sets and StackMats are available for immediate purchase. First come, first served on color and design choices.

Act now, We have a limited supply of colors and quantities. Please choose from the list online and encourage your student to have a second choice in mind.  We are doing online Orders only. Order online at  Remember, the items are first come, first served!



Tom Grunenfelder

Lynn Wakefield

OSE Lifetime Fitness Specialists

Thank you for supporting our Physical Education Program!