Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hello, Orin Smith Elementary Families!  

We hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy. We know that your children may appreciate some kind of normal routine at home that resembles their school day. We wanted to give you some optional ideas for your student(s) to keep their skills sharp. There are many free resources available to families. Puzzles (like jigsaw puzzles, word searches, sudoku, etc.), reading time, math time, breaks for physical activity and fresh air, etc. can all help keep kids engaged in learning. We will be sharing more tips with you every Tuesday.

Optional learning ideas:

  • ixl.com now has science and social studies skills, along with the original ELA and math tabs. Contact your teacher if your student does not know the log in.
  • During normal school hours, your student can access a ton of free books, audiobooks, and educational videos at getepic.com. Contact your teacher for the class code.
  • mysteryscience.com has hundreds of free mini-lessons.
  • Khan Academy has free lessons in many subject areas for all ages.
  • https://play.prodigygame.com/ Prodigy is a game-based math learning tool that your child may already be familiar with.
  • Comcast is offering free internet access for a limited period of time to low-income households.
  • https://stories.audible.com/discovery has a bunch of free stories for kids of all ages.
  • All students have library books, so they can continue to read those.

Here are some answers to common questions:

  • There will be no 3rd quarter report cards going home.
  • Monday-Friday from 11-1, the Chehalis School District is offering FREE MEALS (Grab ‘N Go Only). Free Breakfast & Lunch is available for anyone 18 and under. Current locations are Chehalis Middle School and the Chehalis School District Bus Garage. Yesterday we served over 160 lunches:)
  • If you have any other questions, you can contact your teacher directly using their email address. Continue to check back on our website every Tuesday for updates. All your O.S.E. staff miss you!


Your OSE Family