Hello CMS Families –

We are cultivating a culture of learning where students learn 5 days a week, two of which are in person and 3 of which are asynchronous (at home). Students are in school regular hours from 8:20 to 2:50. This notice contains a number of specific details and answers to questions you may have.

We love having our students back in our building, learning and safety are our priorities. We understand hybrid learning requires new systems and habits, please communicate with your students teachers regularly for any updates or help.

Attendance in school is required and a very important data point to help guide student learning. Although we are in a Hybrid schedule at this time, attendance is TAKEN EVERYDAY. 

During asynchronous learning days, we are also required by compulsory attendance laws to take attendance on these days. There is an “assignment” in Google Classroom for students to complete. The check in is available from 8AM to 2:50PM. If not done within this time, a message is sent to parents notifying them that their student was absent. 

Below is a screenshot of what students should see when doing daily attendance checks in their classe (please note this is from one teacher, all check in’s should be similar, but are not necessarily exactly the same). This is the first thing students should see at the top of the page under “Classwork” in Google Classroom. Once they click to view the question, there is just the one option “Present.” 


If your student can not find a check in for a class, they need to reach out to their teacher by email to check in. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Our staff at CMS is prepared with Safety and Health plans to ensure safety for staff and students.  A reminder that all students will be required to wear masks and keep a proper 6 foot physical distance. These expectations continue into lunch where students are asked to do the following:

We know everyone is doing their best to stay safe and respectful of all of our feelings and this is just a reminder of what we need from our students to maintain a safe space at school:

  • Go directly to a chair/table
  • If you bring a lunch you can start eating
  • Please refrain from moving/sliding the table as they are set to 6ft spaces
  • Wait to be released to get hot lunch
  • Maintain a 6ft distance in line
  • Feel free to get up to throw away trash, otherwise remain seated
  • If you need to get up for anything else raise your hand and someone will come speak with you
  • If you are not eating your mask should be worn
  • Do not share food or drinks
  • Limit face to face with other students while eating
  • When the bell to end lunch rings you are free to head to your next class

Our custodial staff has a continuous routine of cleaning and sanitizing students’ spaces. Please see all Covid 19 Resources on our school district web page https://chehalisschools.org/health-and-safety/ to find more details to our district plan.

Thank you for your cooperation in bringing students back into unfamiliar territory.  Our Wildcat family of staff, students and families are incredible, and together we can do this!