Photo of Brian Roberts

Dr. Brian Roberts

Director District 1
Served since 2008
Term expires 2019
Dr. Roberts is self-employed as a Dr. of Dental Surgery through Ash & Roberts, DDS.

Photo of Brendan Bailey

Mr. Brennan Bailey

Director District 2
Served since 2011
Term expires 2019
Mr. Bailey is a local business owner and W.F. West Graduate.

Photo of Vickie Daniels

Mrs. Vicki Daniels

Director, District 3
Served since 2009
Term expires 2021
Mrs. Daniels is a retired educator from the Chehalis School District.

Photo of Colleen State

Mrs. Colleen State

Director District 4
Served since 2011
Term expires 2021
Mrs. State is a retired educator.

Photo of Joe Clark

Mr. Joe Clark

Director District 5
Served since 1999
Term expires 2019
Mr. Clark has served the district since 1999. He is an education consultant for MGT of America, Inc.