Today ninth-grade students rotated between three areas of activities where they had an opportunity to self-reflect, learn to avoid unhealthy choices, and grow as student learners.

  1. Teachers lead Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) workshop-style small groups focusing on the importance of note-taking, organization and reflecting on their personality, and contemplating things that are important to their lives.
  2. Working with Cispus Learning Center leaders and W.F. West Teachers, students participated in a challenge ropes course. The goal is to help them learn that they can lean on, support, and grow together over the next four years through the successes and challenges of high school.
  3. Students listened to Gabe Stajduhar with Homeland Security. Mr. Stajduhar specializes in narcotics and the prevention of child exploitation. Joined by Chehalis School District Security and Safety Officer Todd Thornburg, Mr. Stajduhar discussed the current unhealthy patterns in youth and how to stay away from those unhealthy choices.

“We want all our freshman students to feel like they belong and know they have people here to support them. We also want them to have opportunities to self-reflect and grow, and we hope this event will help them see who they are, who they want to become, and who can support them.”

Rebecca Smith , Freshman Support and AVID Counselor