A Message from the Superintendent: K-12 District-wide Mathematics Improvement

Our staff continues to rise to the challenges we are all facing with an attitude of resilience, creativity, and determination. Although this is not a normal year, we press on to identify areas of focus that we can work on to ensure we remain leaders in student achievement.

Recently, at a board meeting, we shared with the directors of the board and the public that we have opportunities for improvement in math. Due to COVID, many districts found dips in test scores; however, our focus on math is not directly linked to the pandemic. We recognize that COVID may have worsened the issue, but we recognize that this trend began before March 2020.

Challenges are an opportunity for improvement. As we face any challenge, we must keep a growth mindset in our problem-solving. To that end, we have already started working on plans for K-12 district-wide improvement in mathematics.

The district has formed a new Math Leadership Team (MLT) led by the Director of Teaching and Learning, Trisha Smith. The MLT is made up of K-12 teacher leaders and subject matter experts from the district and the state. This team is assessing the gap and working on research-based proposals designed to improve student achievement–some of which are already being implemented in your child’s classroom. There will be some things we implement right away, but it is essential to know that success across all grades will require a long-term plan that affects student support systems across the district. 

I have talked with families on the subject of math, and the question has come up, How can we help our children with math at home? One of the greatest things we can do is be positive in our math conversations. 

Being positive about math sounds too simple to be true, but this is, by far, the most beneficial thing you can do for your child. Research shows that the concept of being a “math person” or not is a myth. One of the best ways to avoid passing math anxiety on to your children is to steer clear of negative messages around math.

Instead, use comments that focus on difficulty and effort, such as, “You may not understand it yet.” The power of using the word “yet” when addressing a challenge is incredibly helpful in building resilience and persistence.

Another way to frame the difficulty of math positively is, “It may be difficult, but you can do it!”  Or, “It’s okay to make mistakes or not get it right–mistakes allow thinking to happen, and thinking leads to success.” Finally, “That way didn’t work, so let’s try a different way to find a solution.”

A positive mindset and positive conversations around math will help your child build confidence and resilience. But of course, please reach out to your child’s teacher for any additional support and more ideas on how to help your child at home with math. When we work together, we can “multiply” the success of our students. 

A Message from the Superintendent: A Warm Welcome Back!

September 3, 2021

With school only a few days away, I want to wish you all a warm and excited welcome back! I am delighted that we are beginning this year full-time and five days a week. Next week, my children, along with yours, will be welcomed into safe and healthy learning environments.

Chehalis staff and administrators have been attending trainings, setting up classrooms, and preparing high-quality instruction for our children. It will be wonderful seeing kids back in our buildings receiving engaging instruction as well as resuming extracurricular activities. Welcome to the 2021-22 school year!

In order to be in-person five days a week, we are maintaining the same health and safety protocols from last year with some adjustments in the way of fewer restrictions.

Masks must be worn – but may be removed outside
Social distancing is still in effect – but at three feet when possible between students. (with the exception of some special activities needing six feet).

No attestations or temperature checks – but parents are responsible for keeping their child home if they are experiencing any symptoms that may be related to COVID-19. When in doubt, keep them home and consult your family physician. For more information click here to view the current Decision Tree.
Please visit our COVID-19 Health and Safety page for Families by clicking here. This site will be updated throughout the year, just like last year. You can always visit this page for the most up-to-date information.
The bottom line is, how our buildings operate this Fall will be very similar to how we operated last Spring. Except for the changes I listed above, nothing should feel new for you or your children.

If you have any specific questions about your child’s school, please contact your child’s building administrators, who are also the building COVID 19 Supervisors.

Thank you for helping us keep our kids in school by following the local and state guidelines. We will continue to keep you informed if anything changes, or is updated.

A Message from the Superintendent: reaffirming the”why”

November 5, 2021

Recently, I had the privilege of meeting four students who inspired me. They were quietly gathered at a far table in the library after school, each from different backgrounds and grades. They shared with me that they had formed their own study group. Taking time to sit down with them I learned about the care, resilience, and dedication they each have.

They were supporting each other with words of encouragement, listening to one another, and providing feedback on each other’s homework. They shared with me that the school provided a great place for them to do their work together without any distractions. Some of them shared their plans after high school. Others shared that they really didn’t feel like the grade they were in since they had missed going to school full-time last year.

When they asked questions I shared some resources and thoughts with them but what they shared with me was so much greater. These students, despite the obvious challenges they had faced and will face, were kind, helpful, and supportive of each other. They all understood that their education is essential for them to be successful in life.

I hope they read this and know that they reaffirmed my “why” I wanted to be an educator. They also inspired me to write about this and share it with other students and parents. Parents, I encourage you to help your children form study groups. Students, I encourage you to form your own study groups.

Being able to be part of a group and learning to be part of a team are essential life skills. You have an opportunity to gain new friends, help someone, be helped and learn from each other. These four students had figured out, that together, you can make a positive difference for each other.

Happy Holidays!

December 17, 2021

Dear Chehlais Families,

The holidays are upon us, and it’s time to reflect on this past year. What has made this year memorable, and what has made it special? It is also a time to spend time with family and friends, relax, and make new memories.

This year has not been typical. As I shared with staff this week, many of us thought that we were reaching the finish line of this pandemic as we wrapped up last year. Here we are in December, and I can’t help but remember last year at this time and how many of the COVID restrictions we faced then that are still in place.

This year’s stress has caused many of our staff and undoubtedly our parents and community to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Recognizing that this is not a normal year makes it all that much more important to take time to take care of ourselves and each other during the holidays.

So what traditions can we celebrate to secure a sense of normalcy? Creating routines that we can rely on or celebrating time-honored traditions is one way to ensure we build back some peace in our stressful lives.

In the Moloney home, I am looking forward to our tradition of making Norwegian pancakes. It is a simple act that we do each year to take a moment to relax and spend time together. When all the obligations are on hold, and it is just our family sharing this special meal, I am always reminded about the importance of family and our bond.

Maybe you have a similar tradition. Or perhaps this year you are spending your holiday with your chosen family, or perhaps you are unable to be together with all of your loved ones this season. I have heard from colleagues that this is the case. For them, this may be a time to begin new traditions, making new memories that will last a lifetime.

However you are celebrating this year, please focus on what brings you joy and peace. When we continue to feel uncertainty, we must laugh, rest, enjoy great food, and love those that matter in our lives.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

A Message from the Superintendent: W.F. West Class of 2021

May 28, 2021

This year is one we will never forget. Although we are not defined by adversity, the challenges we have faced this year have created defining moments for our graduating Seniors. Beginning this school year fully remote and then moving to a hybrid learning environment was just one of the many challenges the class of 2021 faced, but despite it all, they are finishing strong. On June 5, for the first time, the class of 2021 will gather together in person for their commencement ceremony – and I couldn’t be more proud.

During this school year, I had the opportunity to speak to some of our graduating seniors in face-to-face conversations, and what I learned from them was inspiring. These young women and men talked about their thankfulness to their teachers, counselors, administrators, and school staff. They shared how they are so grateful to be in person in the classroom and recognize that it took a lot of work and creativity to make it happen. Some shared that, before this year, they had taken some things for granted and that now they would try to appreciate simple things, like being face-to-face with their friends and teachers.

It is no surprise that they had to become proficient in time management skills, balancing home life with synchronous and asynchronous learning environments. Some feel as though they grew up this year in ways they could not have anticipated.

Before this school year began, I started sharing with you how we are Moving Forward Together. Our seniors have done just that. They have moved forward together, even though they have been apart in many ways this year.

The challenges that the class of 2021 has faced are not something any of us wants to repeat. And although if we could, we would have wished for many things to be different for them this year. Yet, undeniably, this year has prepared them for the unknown.

They leave W.F. West with a diploma and an accomplishment they will take with them for the rest of their lives. They met challenges with determination, creativity, and patience. They are an inspiration to us all. Congratulations to the class of 2021, and I will see you on the stage at graduation!

Over this past year, we have been relentless in pursuing ways to return students to face-to-face instruction as soon as possible in a safe and healthy environment for both staff and students.  To this date, we have had zero in-school transmission of Covid.  The Chehalis School District held the distinction of being the largest school district in Western Washington to have students in face-to-face instruction from the Fall of 2020 to March of 2021.  Currently, we are celebrating four days a week for some of our special programs, Turning Point

Alternative High School, all grades at Lintott Elementary (P, K, 1, & 2), and five days a week at Green Hill Academic School.

In a previous message, we shared the reality of our challenges on returning all students this spring, with the most significant challenges being district-wide transportation and space at Chehalis Middle School.  We are making progress on all fronts, and although the situation is complex and our solutions may need to be creative, we are committed to bringing all students back as soon as possible.  


As a parent of students at our high school and middle school, I am eager to see them return full time!  I understand that this year has had its challenges, and I am so proud of our resilience as a community and the dedication of our staff and students as they finish strong this year.

In planning for everyday face-to-face instruction for every student this Fall, I want to share some of the solutions we are working on regarding district-wide transportation and space at Chehalis Middle School.


  • We continue to explore new ways to attract and train bus drivers and examine ways to be more efficient.  There is a national bus driver shortage that we are certainly feeling the effects of locally.  We continue to ask that you share our employment opportunities so that we can be fully staffed.
  • We are seriously considering a new pick-up and drop-off bus schedule.  This could mean that our youngest students will be picked up first, staggering pick-up times from youngest to oldest.  School schedules will, of course, be modified to accommodate the transportation schedule.


  • We are reaching out to public, charter, and private transportation companies to find creative solutions to help us transport our students on a daily basis.  We are currently in talks with Twin Transit.


  • Space will continue to be an issue under the new guidance for Chehalis Middle School; we are considering leasing portables and may utilize space at Olympic Elementary School.


Please stay connected with us as we will continue to share updates, news, and information.  I am confident that we can address these challenges in the same manner we have approached this past year – with grace, flexibility, determination, and creativity. 

A Message from the Superintendent: The best learning experience for our students.

The first semester of the 2020-21 school year has ended, and we are “March”ing towards spring.  Yes, that pun was intended.  We have moved forward together by opening our hearts and minds, imagining new ways, and seizing new opportunities to grow and learn.  I would like to recognize how each of you has stretched yourself by trying new strategies and ideas and have been purposeful in finding ways to build relationships despite awkwardly social distancing.

You have engaged students and sought out ways to enhance your own skills. You have overcome many challenges and worked tirelessly to ensure the best learning experience for our students.

This “thank you” is for EVERYONE in our school community.  Because of staff, parents, and the Chehalis community, we have earned recognition as the largest school district in Western Washington successfully open – and staying open for in-person learning.

Over 20 districts from around the state have visited our schools to see how we have successfully provided a safe and healthy teaching and learning environment for our staff and students.  This has been accomplished through collaboration, flexibility, grace, and understanding by each of us.  Thanks to EVERYONE for doing their part to make this happen for Chehalis students.

K-12 students are back in school, athletics are back, and students are playing instruments and singing again.  While it may not be back to “normal,” it is a far cry from the distance learning many other students in Washington State are experiencing.

Please take time to reflect on the positive things that have resulted from your actions and interactions with others.  You matter and are essential in the lives of Chehalis School District students.

Thank you for all you do.

A Message from the Superintendent: Well-deserved Recognition and Appreciation for our Chehalis School Board

I want to share my heartfelt appreciation to our Chehalis School Board members for their dedication to the Chehalis School District and our community. They have provided caring and thoughtful leadership during this past year – a year fraught with so many challenges. They have given generously of their time and sought new ways to engage with our community so that all voices are heard. Continuing in our district’s tradition, they are unwavering in supporting high-quality instruction for each student. They have been instrumental in the process that allowed us to reopen our schools and are dedicated to the health and safety of all.


Thank you, Dr. Brennan Bailey (President), Larry Petersen (Vice-President), Director Colleen State, Director Vicki Daniels, and Director J Vander Stoep. I am honored to work with such a caring and dedicated school board.

December 18, 2020

A Message from the Superintendent: Supporting Each Other

Seasons greetings to each of you. The year 2020 has provided us with unprecedented challenges and opportunities. As a school community, we have worked together with flexibility, grace, and understanding to address these challenges and have created innovative solutions. These challenges have proven to be opportunities for growth as we have come together to help support our schools’ reopening. Through creativity and discovery, we have provided a healthy and safe in-person learning environment for our staff and students to the best of our ability. Thank you all for the flexibility, understanding, and grace you have shown to each other and me as we moved forward together. As 2020 retreats into the distance, I am excited to build on the relationships we have made. These opportunities and challenges have helped us think in innovative ways about how we educate our children and make a conscious effort to take care of ourselves to take care of others.
In the past couple of weeks, I re-visited all of our schools and sites and witnessed our staff’s hard work and commitment as they provide nurturing, safe, and healthy learning environments for our students. The Chehalis School Board appreciates the work every staff member is doing, each student’s commitment to following the new health and safety protocols, and the support of our families and community to help continue in-person learning. We are dedicated to helping each learner today become a leader tomorrow, no matter the situation. We will continue to provide high-quality instruction and help each student become career and college ready.
I hope you will take time to reflect on this past year and remember the good that has come out of the relationships we have built and the things we, as a community, have done to support each other. Please take a moment to review the thoughts shared in our Giving Thanks Thoughtexchange.
From my family to yours, “Happy Holidays!”

November 20, 2020

A Message from the Superintendent: Practicing Gratitude

As I reflect on the past several months, I am grateful for my family’s support and the team of incredibly caring people I get to work with every day. In November, we get a chance to remind ourselves of what and why we are thankful. This year, the holiday traditions we typically engage in may differ, but we should not let go of the meaning behind Thanksgiving. When I reflect on what we have accomplished this Fall, I am so impressed with the Chehalis School District staff, teachers, admin, and board. Each one is relentlessly dedicated to providing high-quality education for every student in a safe and healthy environment, and for that, I am thankful.

The new routines, the social distancing, masks, and the strangeness of not interacting in a normal way are stressful and disconnect us from each other. However, we can do things to help ourselves and each other maintain hope, share a purpose, and build relationships. By practicing self-care, we can show grace, flexibility, and understanding of each other. Self-care means fostering your own and others’ resilience—the ability to cope and manage in stressful situations, including the pandemic we find ourselves in today.

Practicing gratitude is one simple thing we can do to improve our attitudes, reduce stress, strengthen relationships, and build others up. I am asking that we each engage in practicing gratitude to lift up each other and our community with the bonus that when we practice gratitude, we, individually, benefit as well. Please consider participating in the Thoughtexchange over Thanksgiving break. Share about something or someone you are grateful for and why. Feel free to name a person. Your identity will be anonymous, but all of the thoughts of gratitude will be shared with our community to help us keep hope, focus on the good in our lives, and strengthen our community as we look to the end of this pandemic.

From my family (Dave, Kat, and Jonathan) to yours, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we are grateful to be part of this community and are proud to call Chehalis our home.

Thank you.

October 23, 2020

I am the superintendent, but I am also a parent of two school-age children who attend Chehalis schools. Earlier this year, when parents were asked to choose between two learning models, I decided to send my children to school after careful consideration of my family situation. I know that each of our Chehalis families has different circumstances, and I am confident that each family has made the choice that makes the most sense for their own specific needs and situation. If you have not already done so, you will have the opportunity to choose to remain in a distance learning model or return to the classroom in a face-to-face hybrid (A/B) model.
Now that we are beginning to see more and more students returning to the classroom for face-to-face learning, we all need to follow new safety and health protocols. In addition to your schools providing specific health and safety standards, our district website has a COVID-19 Health and Safety Resources page that includes protocols and guidelines to help our staff and students stay safe.
For those who choose to send their students back to school, they must commit to the following precautions for face-to-face instruction:
  • Wearing cloth face coverings that cover nose and mouth
  • Maintaining social distancing of 6 feet
  • Completing daily attestations (temperature and screening checks)
  • Frequently washing hands and practicing proper hand hygiene
Students and families who opt for face-to-face instruction must also be prepared to switch back to distance learning. There is the possibility of someone coming to school with an active asymptomatic (not showing any symptoms) COVID-19 case and unintentionally exposing others. As soon as an active case is identified, we will work closely with the Lewis County Public Health and Social Services Department and follow the COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan for Schools.
We need your help. Please carefully review the Student Symptom Decision Tree and refer to it if your child is not feeling well before sending them to school. We all know that there is a health risk when we bring people together in shared spaces. When children and staff go home, they need to be conscious of who they are in contact with and continue to take precautions such as social distancing and wearing masks when around family members and friends not living in their homes. As shared in our last Board meeting, it is a team effort.
Thank you for your continued support of our Chehalis school community. Thank you to the staff and administrators dedicated to creating quality teaching and learning for each of our students during this unprecedented time. We are all Bobcats, Cougars, Wildcats, Bearcats, and Chehalis students. We are a community of learners dedicated to becoming future leaders, and we are all in this together!
For more information, please contact your child’s school directly.

September 18, 2020

The recurring themes that have emerged this year have been health, safety, and equity. We have listened to our community and staff and continue to ensure a safe and equitable environment while following the Washington State Department of Health guidelines. A return to face-to-face instruction has always been the goal, and I am thrilled that we are ready to take our next steps!

We are currently providing face-to-face instruction for students receiving special services. Soon we will have groups no larger than five (5) for laboratory sciences and career and technical education courses requiring on-site attendance to engage in hands-on learning activities that cannot be replicated in a virtual environment. And as early as October 5, we will have our kindergarten students return to face-to-face instruction in an A/B model.

I am so excited to have our kindergartners back in the classroom! If your child is in Kindergarten, you will receive communication from Principal Hunt and Assistant Principal Pohlman with detailed next steps for you and your child, including transportation, food service protocols, and attestation requirements and standards. For questions about the startup plan for Kindergarten, please contact Bob Hunt, Principal, or Brenda Pohlman, Asst. Principal at 360-807-7215.

Thank you to our staff, parents, and students for being nimble and adjusting with each step towards in-person instruction. We all want to be back in the classroom when it is safe, and these are the first steps toward that goal!

September 3, 2020

Welcome back to school! This week I visited classrooms where I saw teachers hard at work interacting with students across Zoom. Even though the platform is new, there was something very familiar about each room I visited. There were smiling teachers and students, engagement, and excitement. It’s the start of school again, and we are thrilled to be back together.

Leading up to September 1 you heard from me each week in Moving Forward Together. This summer, we sent over 16,000 Moving Forward Together emails and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. We want to thank you for your engagement and continue to honor you with the best communication possible.

With all the change we have experienced, I felt that communication from me weekly was important. Now that school has begun, you will continue to receive communication each Friday, but instead of a weekly Superintendent’s Message, you will be hearing from me once a month. The other weeks we will be sharing stories from our schools and focusing more on student achievement. Our goal is to give you relevant, authentic, and timely communication, so, in addition to our weekly email, you will also see content on our social media channels.

Many teachers are sharing with me their excitement to see their students on Zoom. We are all looking forward to a great Fall and can’t wait to share with you the outstanding work that is being done!

August 28, 2020

We are all excited to begin school on September 1st! In preparation for the start of school, staff has been in training throughout the summer. In total this year, Chehalis School District teachers completed over 5,200 hours of training! As anyone can attest, this past spring caught everyone off guard, and it is incumbent upon the district to offer training for teachers, so they are better prepared for our new normal of change this Fall.

Equity training has been a top priority for us and continues to be even more relevant now. Programs such as Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD), and Character Strong are just a few emphasized in Chehalis. Together they address closing an opportunity gap and help students develop high-level thinking in an academic language while focusing on social and emotional learning and character development.

We have also learned the importance of a robust digital tool kit for our teachers and training to best leverage them. Classes are being provided for teachers in the effective use of Google Classroom, Seesaw, and Remind to help teachers feel equipped in the digital space. Teach Nimble is tailored toward blended learning (or a combination of remote and in-person instruction) which is helpful not only now as we are in a distance learning model, but also for when we return to face-to-face instruction in a hybrid/blended environment. Google Classroom and Remind training will ensure best-in-class communication and learning in our new model.

We are all proud of our teachers for their hard work and dedication in their professional development. And although we are entering a digital season, they are in their classrooms preparing and are excited to see their students. This school year may look different, but we are excited to begin, and we know our students will only benefit from all of our staff’s dedication to their growth and development as educators.

August 21, 2020

With the start of school less than two weeks away, we are all adapting and preparing for our new routine this year. Although change will likely remain a constant, one area that will not change is providing a safe environment for our staff and students.

We are now open to the public and have some new health and safety procedures in place. Our buildings are occupied with administration, teaching, food service, custodial, and other support staff. And even though we begin the school year with distance learning for almost all students, there will also be small groups (groups of 5 or less of identified students needing specialized supports) still present in the buildings. All of the safety protocols that were designed for our opening for face-to-face instruction are still in place.

Cleaning and disinfecting are essential in maintaining a safe environment for students and staff. To ensure all custodial staff keeps our schools clean and safe. This August, they received training from the Walter E Nelson Company to ensure we are up to date on the most recent Covid-19 related standards for cleanliness. This company provides the gold standard of Covid-19 training around cleaning and disinfecting. Our trained staff will be daily disinfecting all high touch and high traffic areas, classrooms, and buses. All of our cleaning products are approved EPA and recommended by CDC specifically to combat the spread of Covid-19.

Safety will go beyond keeping our buildings disinfected. We have enacted a health plan when students and staff are in our buildings to ensure everyone is safe. Administrators have already received health and safety training and next week all remaining staff will have formal training on health and safety protocols. Following the guidelines of the Lewis County Public Health and Social Services, the Washington State Department of Health, and the CDC, our goal is to be prepared and equipped to manage any health concerns throughout the year.

With our health and safety building operations guidelines in place, we are ready to begin this year safely!

For a comprehensive look at our building operations guidelines, click here.

Click here to view the K-12 Schools – Fall 2020-2021 Guidance document from the DOH

August 14, 2020

As we approach the Fall, we are all preparing for a season of change. Generally, during this time of year, students are back to school shopping with their parents and teachers are beginning to prepare their classrooms. Instead, students will see their friends and teachers on a computer screen, and parents are problem-solving household schedules in preparation for distance learning. The question on everyone’s mind is, ‘What will a normal day look like this Fall?’

The plans need to be as varied as the individual needs of each age group and school. For example, what makes sense for W.F. West will not make sense for Lintott. Our students’ social and emotional needs will differ, and how we use technology will be adapted accordingly. But some plans are standard for all grade levels. For example, everyone can expect the following:

  • All students will receive a Chromebook for home use. Dates and instructions for pick up will be communicated soon.
  • All students will have real-time teacher-directed online learning (synchronous learning) Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • All students will have each Wednesday as a day to work on assigned projects independently (asynchronous), but all teachers will be available.
  • Each Wednesday, teachers will be available to parents and students and participate in distance learning geared professional development

You can click here to view each school’s distance learning plan.

As I shared last week, the school board has approved the plans to return to face-to-face learning when it is safe to do so. We will continue to closely monitor the Covid-19 cases in Lewis County on the risk assessment dashboard to look for our target goal of fewer than 25 cases per 100,000. Once we have reached that goal and it is advised by the Lewis County Public Health and Social Services to return to school, we will return in a hybrid model (A/B schedule). At that time, it will be closely monitored to ensure that we stay within the target to remain in a face-to-face model.

We are committed to an equitable learning experience for all students this Fall – and are excited to see our students in the digital classroom!

August 7, 2020

The Chehalis school district has had a clear goal to begin school this Fall with face-to-face instruction because we know this is key to student learning at high levels. Face-to-face instruction is best for social and emotional health and equity for our students. We miss our students, and they miss their friends and teachers. However, we must consider the health and safety of students and staff.

This week the Lewis County Public Health & Social Services’ (LCPHSS) Health Officer, Dr. Wood, strongly recommended that all public and private K-12 schools in Lewis County offer only distance learning to start this coming school year. Following this announcement, Governor Jay Inslee and Washington’s Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal held a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, strongly encouraging that school districts work with their local health officer and follow the recommendations of their local health department. Although we had planned on in-person instruction, we have approached this from a place of flexibility. Things can change at a moment’s notice, as we have already seen this year, and being nimble in our approach to instruction will be vital in assessing and adjusting any plan that we put forth.

I said last week that our new normal is the likelihood of change. The change we face today is that our children will not return to school in the Fall, but instead will be starting in a distance learning model for the safety of our staff, our students, and our community. The decision to recommend a distance learning start to the school year was in response to a study that shed light on Lewis County’s spread of Covid-19 in recent weeks. The spread of COVID-19 has reached 75.5 cases per 100,000 in the past two weeks, vs. under ten cases per 100,000 in May and June. The LCPHSS interprets this data as a direct link between the reopening of our community into phase 3, and the cases tested positive. Data will be updated weekly on the COVID-19 – risk assessment dashboard, and consideration for a return to face-to-face learning will be evaluated monthly. With this new data in mind, our School Board asked for a briefing by our local health department at the board work session on August 4. After this briefing, it was decided that there is no realistic choice other than to delay the beginning of face-to-face instruction.

At the board meeting which followed the work session, directors voted unanimously to approve our reopening plans, which are available to view on our website. This plan will be used when we return to face-to-face learning. These approved plans will be enacted when COVID-19 cases reduce, and the LCPHSS recommends a return to face to face learning. We can look to the numbers dropping below their stated goal of 25 cases per 100,000 as a critical indicator for when that might be a consideration. We are asking that everyone (parents, students, staff, community members) do their part to help reduce the spread of this pandemic.

As we move into this new season of distance learning, I am reminded of last Spring when Covid-19 shocked our community and forced us to close our schools. It was a time of uncertainty and confusion for many. Our teaching staff was challenged with meeting our students’ needs remotely, and it was by nature a reactive season. As we look forward to the Fall, we know more, are better prepared, and more fully equipped to teach our students digitally. Teachers are and will be immersed in intensive training focused on blended and full on-line distance learning. Staff is planning to engage our students in high-quality daily instruction in a remote learning environment. More details will be coming next week. And to ensure we continue to be better in the midst of these changing times, we will be devoting time each Wednesday for continuous staff professional development.

Our commitment to our community is that we will continue to be as agile as we need to be to ensure that all children are safe and healthy – and receive an equitable education. We are all adjusting to change, and although change can be difficult, we can do this together!

July 31, 2020

Our new “normal” in life includes the likelihood of change. In Chehalis School District, we are preparing for a number of possible situations this fall, including both face-to-face learning as well as distance learning.

This week, with the goal of welcoming students and staff back in the classroom to experience instruction in-person this fall, principals and program directors finalized their plans for reopening schools and made presentations to the District Reopening Committee on Thursday, July 30. Members of the school board will consider the approval of these plans at their meeting scheduled for August 4.

With ongoing input from our school community including parents and staff we have adjusted our reopening plan so that all students in kindergarten through grade 12 will follow an A/B schedule in which group A will attend school on Mondays and Thursdays while group B will attend on Tuesdays and Fridays. We will keep siblings on the same schedule. A calendar will be made available to help parents in planning for the fall.

In the model currently under consideration, we have designated one day each week this fall as a K-12 Distance Learning Day. In September and October, all students will be learning from home on Wednesdays. Teachers will participate in special training and professional development designed to improve instruction online. In addition, teachers will keep office hours and provide parents and students with support via phone and email.

We are listening carefully to our community, staff, health officials, and district leaders as we consider options and plan for possibilities. With the safety of students and staff as our highest priority, reopening plans have been designed to include cleaning and disinfecting, physical distancing, face coverings, handwashing, and many new protocols for transportation, attendance, lunch serving, and classroom engagement in the learning process.

While some counties and school districts in other parts of the state have declared only one model, we are preparing to serve students in a blended learning model that takes advantage of both face-to-face learning and distance learning.

Some parents may choose a full-time distance learning model for their children. Others will take advantage of open classrooms. All of us must be prepared for school that looks different than it has looked in the past.

Those interested can review, on Monday, August 3, the most current reopening plans being considered by the Board, also dependent on further direction from the Lewis County Department of Health, for each school by visiting the district website at www.chehalisschools.org. Shortly following the school board meeting on August 4 parents can expect to receive an email inquiry from their school asking about their child’s level of participation in classroom instruction and/or their interest in a distance learning program. Details on the distance learning option will be provided. Families will be asked to commit to one model for delivery of instruction for all of the first semester of school, which ends in late January.

July 24, 2020

Reopening Plans

This has been a busy week for building administrators and staff members as they work hard to develop plans for reopening schools for face-to-face instruction.

Having gathered ideas from the District Reopening Committee, the Chehalis Education Association, and using over 1,700 comments provided in the recent Thoughtexchange, building principals are now working out the details with their teams. With health and safety as their primary goal, staff are considering ways to ensure all students have access to excellent first instruction. They are also determining ways to provide for planning and preparation for teachers and staff members.

At their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, July 21 the Chehalis SD Board of Directors met via Zoom. With an understanding that these plans are currently under development, directors were provided an update on reopening plans. While the building committees are still drafting plans, two things are certain:

  • Students and staff will wear face coverings and observe social distancing in the classroom.
  • Students in grades 4 through 12 will not attend school each day, but will follow an A/B schedule of some kind. Families will be kept on the same schedule as much as possible.

Final plans for reopening are to be completed by building teams by July 29 and will then be reviewed by the District Level Reopening Committee. These plans will be shared with school board directors during their work session on August 4, and are to be on file with the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction by August 18. As soon as plans are approved by the school board they will be communicated to our staff, parents, and community members.

Parents can expect an invitation to their child(ren)’s school in late August. Principals will be hosting events at which time specific details around the reopening plans will be presented. Parents and students will learn about new routines for entering the building, sitting and learning in the classroom, eating lunch, and more.

We are eager to see students back in the classrooms and we appreciate your patience as we plan and prepare to do this in the safest environment we can provide. Thank you for reading these updates, and thank you for your continued support of Chehalis students and staff. I had the opportunity last week to stop by Orin Smith Elementary and share a short overview of our reopening process. You can view the video by clicking here.

If you have had a chance to take a look at the results of the ThoughtExchange I would like to share that there are two ways to look at the data presented in the bar graphs. One is to look at the number of comments in a theme and another is to look at the star rating for that theme. For example, the Equity theme has a lower number of comments but the highest star rating. You also can look at all the data from all respondents or break it up and look at responses only from staff or from parents. Click here for the link to the ThoughtExchange results. Again, thank you for participating. Your voice matters.

July 17, 2020

Hundreds participate in the reopening conversation

For one week, nearly 900 Chehalis parents, staff members, and students joined in the response to one question, “What are the most important things our school district needs to consider as we plan and prepare to reopen schools this fall?”

Using a new online tool called Thoughtexchange, participants shared their thoughts, ideas, and concerns in a conversation beginning July 6 and ending July 12. In total, over 1,700 thoughts were shared in response to the question.

All of this information has been shared with the District Level Reopening Committee and the Building Teams to help inform our planning. Building Teams with parents, staff, and students are continuing to meet through July. Updates will be provided each week. You can access the Thoughtexchange results HERE. Below I have provided an overview of the themes and content of the Thoughtexchange.

Participants were asked to read each other’s comments and rank them according to their agreement. In doing so, participants can identify common ground. The ranking system allows us to hear from everyone on this topic and see themes that arise from the data collected.

For this exchange, it appears many people are interested in a positive approach to reopening schools – one which honors people during this time of uncertainty. There is also a general concern for the health and safety of everyone involved.

What emerged from the conversation were eight main themes. These eight themes were equity, communication, distance learning, learning and instruction, logistics, social and emotional, health, and schedule.

With an understanding that we may find ourselves returning to distance learning, many participants expressed concern over equitable access to internet services for digital learning. I am pleased to announce that the district, along with outside agencies, has already set in place a plan to address internet access for all our staff and students. As we gather more information we will report back to you on our progress towards providing equity of access to each of our students and staff.

In this exchange, it was made clear that transparency and communication of reopening plans are expected. Parents want to know what “school” will look like well before deciding whether or not they will send their children to school. Please watch for updates from me every Friday in the “Moving Forward Together” newsletter and communications posted on our website.

Challenges from last spring when we engaged in distance learning was another theme with questions around how we can improve to provide meaningful learning and interaction at a distance.

The area of learning and instruction (320 comments) highlighted the concern that the district needs to maintain rigor with an A/B schedule and with distance learning. Participants want to see relevant learning experiences for students.

In the area of logistics, there were more questions than answers, including how we will handle it when someone gets sick, use of substitutes, and managing classrooms in light of all the challenges, to name a few. A large portion of the logistic comments came from staff.

The social and emotional theme was one of the most significant areas of concern. Concerns voiced surround the impact of a school day—the routine and sense of consistency. Participants seem to want kids back in school for social and emotional reasons.

Health and safety had the most comments (679). Most want us to follow best practices and ask, “How are we ensuring and maintain a healthy environment at school?” They want our protocol on distancing, masks, and sanitizing. They ask how we will identify illness before it comes into the building. Many comments in the logistics theme are related.

Under the schedule theme, some people want to pick their schedule; others just want to know what it will be. There were some very diverse perspectives, but many are asking about “the plan.”

We want to take this time to say thank you to all who participated in our Thoughtexchange. Your voice matters as we look to reopen our schools this fall with safe and welcoming environments for all students and staff. Thank you.

July 10, 2020

The District Level Reopening Committee met again this week to hear draft plans for the reopening of schools. These draft plans were built by the District Sub-Committee from information directly brought forward by the District Level Reopening Committee last week. Members of the District Level Reopening Committee provided feedback today on the draft plans. As a result of this work, it is likely that we will look to implement an A/B schedule for grades 4-12 and a regular daily schedule for grades K-3. We will continue to monitor and adjust as needed with further input from the Thought Exchange and building-level parent and staff surveys.

Building and program administrators will meet again this week to determine more details regarding the A/B schedule. Next week, Building Level Teams (including parents, certificated and classified staff, and students) will meet to create implementation plans for their sites. Parents and staff will then have another opportunity to provide feedback to these Building Teams through building level surveys. Building level teams will submit their final plans to the Superintendent on July 29 for a final review by the District Level Reopening Committee. These plans will then be shared with the Board through a work-study session in the beginning of August.

Throughout this process, we will communicate weekly with our school community and relay any updates and/or changes. We are currently planning around the required 6-foot distancing requirement, use of masks, and health screenings under the guidance of the state, OSPI, the Department of Health, and Labor and Industries. If requirements change, we will adjust our plans and communicate these changes to you.

Please know that your voice in this process matters. In addition to the feedback provided by members of the District Reopening Committee, we are relying on input from Chehalis staff, parents, and students. This week, July 6-12, we are conducting a Thought Exchange online. On Monday, July 6, our parents and staff received an email message with a link to the conversation available in multiple languages. Within three days, 642 participants have joined the conversation. Information from this conversation will be shared with all district and building staff, as well as our entire community. Your ideas and thoughts will help us throughout this entire process to make better-informed decisions and plans.

We hope everyone will participate in this important conversation and provide their input during the planning process. You can join the conversation using the following link: What are the most important things our school district needs to consider as we plan and prepare to reopen schools this fall?

As we make our plans to reopen schools this fall, our goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment for Chehalis students and staff and make sure families know their children are cared for and engaged in learning. It is our priority to have students back in classrooms to experience face-to-face instruction beginning September 1. We want to ensure the safety of both students and staff as we plan to reopen the schools.

To view a timeline of the work being done in our district to plan for the reopening of schools, click here.

July 3, 2020

It is our priority to have students back in classrooms to experience face-to-face instruction beginning September 1. We want to ensure the safety of both students and staff as we plan to reopen the schools. To that end, Dr. Christine Moloney has commissioned a District Reopening Committee to discuss options and provide directions as we plan our return to in-person school.

“Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment for our students and staff and make sure families know their children are cared for and engaged in learning,” says Superintendent Moloney.

The District Reopening Committee is made up of 20 participants representing school staff, district staff and administrators, parents, and community members. The team met on June 29 and 30 to review guidelines provided by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and public health officials.

Participants are in the beginning stages of plan development and will come back together on July 9 and 10 to continue this important work.

Your voice matters – watch for your email invitation!

To help inform planning committee members, we invite parents, staff, and students to share their thoughts, ideas, and concerns in a conversation using an online tool called Thought Exchange. On Monday, July 6, our school community will receive an email message with a link to the conversation available in multiple languages. Participants can access the Thought Exchange using cell phones, computers, or other electronic devices with internet access.

We hope everyone will participate in this important conversation and provide their input during the planning process. If you know of any parent/student without internet access to this invitation, please direct them to the district office to complete an anonymous form, or parents/students may call the district office at (360) 807-7200. The district office will be open to the public Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.