State-Wide Survey DEADLINE: Feb. 2

The English language survey form we shared with you earlier stopped accepting submissions Friday afternoon because it reached its maximum capacity. In response, the Board of Health has added a link at the top of the original survey form, which directs people to a new form.

Here is a direct link to the new form.

As it stands, the Board of Health still intends to close the survey on February 2.

For Spanish Speakers

The original survey in Spanish is still accepting submissions.

We have just learned this morning that the survey below is scheduled to close on February 2.

This is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts on whether vaccines should be required for school-aged children, and how that would affect you and your family.

About the Survey

The Washington State Board of Health is inviting parents and caregivers of school-age children to complete a survey to provide input that will be shared with a Technical Advisory Group the Board has convened to assess COVID-19 vaccine for inclusion in chapter 246-105 WAC. The TAG will utilize the 9-criteria framework established by the board to assess and evaluate the COVID-19 vaccine for consideration  in chapter 246-105 WAC.

The Board is seeking input from parents and caregivers as it relates to Criteria Nine: “The burden of compliance for the vaccine containing this antigen is reasonable for the parent/caregiver.” 

To provide input, please complete the survey below: