Dr. Christine Moloney addressed the board and noted that many board policies require review and revision. “Looking through the policy manuals that we have,” Dr. Moloney shared, “it’s time to start looking at updating them so that they have the most current language.”

Board policies are divided into six separate ‘1,000’ series.’ This series includes Board of Directors, Instruction, Students, Community Relations, Personnel, and Management Support. Dr. Moloney shared that the district will be looking at the 3,000 series this year, focusing on students. The district will continue to update or implement Essential Policies as dictated by law. Policies will be reviewed and checked against the latest Washington State School Director’ Association (WSSDA) correlated Board Policy. Any changes will be brought before the Chehalis School Board for review and adoption.

Board Policy Updates – Directors were presented with the first reading of school board policies which have been revised due to legislative changes, suggestions by the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA), or to implement district efficiencies and effective use of available resources.

Superintendent Dr. Christine Moloney provided directors with a review of the changes being recommended.

BP 2108 –Instruction, Learning Assistance Program

BP 3210 – Students, Nondiscrimination

BP 3231 – Students, Student Records

BP 3520 – Students, Student Fees, Fines, Charges

To learn more, reference section five of the September 21, 2021 School Board Meeting.