ASB Elections didn’t start until the end of October.  If you remember, back then, students were not in a face-to-face learning environment.  Candidates submitted forms and created campaign videos that were shown over Zoom for the elections.  First-time elected  ASB Vice President Skylie Voie, and seventh-grader at Chehalis Middle School, remembers the process as a fun way to kick off a remote learning year. 


“I love what I do because when we have these activities at lunch that are interactive, it’s nice to see that they’re making kids smile even with these hard times.  Sometimes they’ll have their mask on because they are not eating, or they’ll have them off because they are eating – but you can always tell that they are smiling when you do something fun.”


The ASB officers at CMS work closely with the Leadership class to discuss how to engage the school through activities and campaigns.  Once ideas are solidified, the student council is involved.  The Student Council has one representative from every seventh-period class, and they disseminate the information throughout the school. This innovative way of engaging student leaders to reach the entire body of students is efficient, effective, and incredibly unique. 


“We’re trying to do fun interactive things with the students while maintaining COVID guidelines,” Skylie shares while reflecting on how the year has gone so far.  Skylie, when talking about goals, casts a vision to include macro and micro goals for the school ranging from meaningful moments one-on-one with students to school-wide campaigns that engage everyone, including staff.


“If something needs to happen, Skylie is the one who is going to make it happen,” CMS Vice Principal Mrs. Fagerness says, quick to recognize Skylie’s versatility and eager attitude to engage with students.  But when asked about why she does what she does, Skylie turns the attention back to Mrs. Fagerness.  “She can see the good in everything.  It has been a big, big influence. I think that’s one reason why I wanted to be in ASB so much.  When Mrs. Fagerness is in the room, it’s always happier, and I wanted to be the happy person in the room.”