“We did a couple of at-home labs via zoom, but it wasn’t anything like this,” Calli Warren shares as she paused to think about science labs back in the Fall before we were face-to-face in the science lab.  In the STEM program, Calli and her peers participated in the flame test lab, a favorite in Mrs. Neal’s class.
“They have been studying the periodic table, the trends in it, how it works, and why it’s set up the way it is.” Mrs. Neal shares. “The flame test is a good way to get a visual representation of how elements are different.”
When you add energy (a flame), electrons are emitted, represented in the flame’s color. There are just some things you can’t replicate over a zoom call, and this lab is one of them.
Calli can’t wait for the pandemic to be over but is happy that we can be in person for labs. “Social interaction is a huge part because you gotta work together.”