We have come to rely on technology in ways we never imagined.  From cloud storage, email, zoom, live streaming, wireless connectivity, and so much more – each and every day in the Chehalis School District, technology shapes how we teach, learn and collaborate.  It wasn’t always a robust technological culture here, and Casey Schmidt, CSD Technology Director,  remembers it well, having worked just about every job that he now oversees.  

Casey has always taken pride in doing a lot with a little, stretching a dollar as a good steward while delivering the best technological solutions.  This dates back to earlier days when technology funds were scarce; Casey would personally solder new components on older broken computers that had been donated, bringing them back to life and giving them a new purpose in the classroom.  Although he doesn’t solder motherboards anymore, he continues to take stewardship very seriously while providing the best equipment and tech solutions possible.  

Being proactive and always looking ahead has paid off for our students in dividends.  Before March of last year, Casey had already started the process of delivering one-to-one devices to students.  When the pandemic caught many schools off guard and couldn’t get needed hardware before the end of 2020, we were ready to go from day one.

He doesn’t do his work alone and will be the first to share his team’s successes and accomplishments.  New systems and best practices have made the technology team a powerhouse, delivering fast service and creative solutions daily, even amidst significant challenges. “While I often get frustrated with giant problems, once we come to a resolution – it’s so rewarding.” Casey is quick to brag about his team and share the success of a growth mindset that has ultimately changed how they work. “Having gone through problems, now, instead of just getting frustrated, I think, let’s just find a solution.”

Casey’s work has also given everyone one less thing to stress about during a time fraught with anxiety.  From building a great team to his evident dedication to staff and students, the Chehalis School District is in good hands as we all navigate an increasingly complex digital age.