Fall Athletics is in Full Swing!

The sound of running shoes on a track, football pads colliding against each other, a tennis ball spiked by a racquet, or the squeak of shoes on a gym floor – all sounds that are happening this week in the Chehalis School District.  

Fall sports began on February 1 and are in full swing! Students across the district have the opportunity to participate in football, soccer, volleyball, cross country, tennis, and golf, and they couldn’t be happier.  

This year looks different. The season is shorter, the schedules are being altered, and all students are donning masks, but one thing is sure – the excitement is electrifying!

Jeff Johnson, Athletic Director for the Chehalis School District and W.F. West Assistant Principal, is quick to share the pride he has in his team. “The willingness to adapt and change, and the patience and flexibility from our students, coaches, and teachers. It’s challenging, but being open and flexible to roll with whatever comes the best they can, and focus on what we can control – it’s just how we do it.” 

While other districts are grappling with what it will take to return to a face-to-face learning environment, in Chehalis, we’re looking at what is next and how we can best serve our students’ social, emotional, and academic needs in the classroom and beyond. 

Student Achievement is a focal point in Chehalis, and a robust athletics program amidst the challenges of COVID is instrumental in that plan.  The social and emotional benefits of athletics are undeniable, and the grades needed to participate in sports has been an incentive for many, bolstering academic success among our students.  

Although this year looks different in so many ways, including our athletics, we celebrate this week and look forward to seeing our students on the court, track, and on the field!