School District Supports Families in Need

Beginning this week, some families in the Chehalis School District without internet connection will get some help. For the past month, the district has been collecting names of students and families without reliable internet connections and contacting them to determine possible solutions. 

The district has evaluated available internet options and has been in contact with internet providers to determine solutions that will meet the needs of as many of its families as possible. As a result of this research, the district has ordered internet hotspots that should begin arriving in the coming days and which will continue to arrive over the coming weeks. These will then be distributed to families to assist with internet connectivity for their students.

Knowing that internet hotspots may not work in every family’s location, the district is working with multiple vendors in order to find the best possible cellular internet solution. In addition, the district is working with broadband and WiFi providers to connect families that can be served by these technologies.

Due to need across the nation and around the world for student internet connectivity solutions, there is a significant shortage of available devices and some devices the district has ordered and will order, will not arrive until later in September. The district is working with teachers and families to accommodate those that will not have internet connectivity when school begins on September 1st.

The Chehalis School District’s goal is to ensure everything possible is done to support students lacking internet connectivity during this time of remote learning. The district has a dedicated team focused on this effort, is participating in a county-wide initiative to address the issue and encouraging the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction to make meaningful progress in assisting students without internet connectivity.

If your student does not have reliable internet connectivity please contact your child’s school office so we can assist in resolving this remote learning need.

Lintott Elementary (360) 807-7215

Orin Smith Elementary (360) 807-7225

Chehalis Middle School (360) 807-7230

W.F. West (360) 807-7235