Representatives from Port Blakely shared information about forestry careers with Orin C. Smith Elementary students on Friday, February 7.

During this interactive assembly students learned about the history of Port Blakely, including forestry careers and educational requirements for those jobs. Students learned about forestry equipment and volunteers showcased a variety of forestry equipment. Presenters included: Kelly Stanley, Colby Cooper, Josh Meek, Sarah Rice and Cavin–Port Blakely’s forestry dog.

A big thank you to Port Blakely for an assembly that allowed students to better understand how they are preparing now for future careers and the types of forestry careers that are available, as well as the education and training needed for the different forestry jobs.

The event was part of the Student Achievement Initiative with a Career and College Readiness focus. Chehalis School District’s goal is for graduates to be career prepared and successfully obtain a meaningful certificate or college degree post-graduation. Aware, eligible and prepared = ready.