On December 6, Dr. Brandy Fay was the keynote speaker at Orin C. Smith Elementary’s College and Career Readiness Animal Profession Assembly. Dr. Fay shared information about the level of education required to pursue a career as a veterinarian and the various job opportunities represented at her business including: Veterinarian Technician; Animal Grooming; Animal Training; Doggie Daycare; and Dog and Cat Boarding. Her office kitten was in attendance as well.

Also presenting was Ms. Pietila, a third-grade teacher at Orin C. Smith Elementary, along with her dog, Rocket, who trains with one of Dr. Fay’s agility trainers. Ms. Pietila highlighted the opportunities for vendors at Dog Agility Shows.

Finally, Claquato Farms brought in a four-day-old calf and Orin C. Smith Elementary fifth grader Kinley Young shared the opportunities dairy farming offers, including FFA, and how the dairy’s work links with grade 3-5 science standards. Mrs. Hubbert (5th-grade-teacher) and her St. Bernard, Hank, another patient of Dr. Fay’s, made a cameo appearance with Ms. Coyle (5th-grade-teacher) to kick the assembly off and introduce Dr. Fay. Students enjoyed this event, meeting some furry friends, and learning about careers that involve working with animals.

Events like this are part of the Student Achievement Initiative with a Career and College Readiness focus. Chehalis School District’s goal is for graduates be career prepared and successfully obtain a meaningful certificate or college degree post-graduation. Aware, eligible and prepared = ready.