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The richness of educational opportunities available for incarcerated youth at Green Hill Academic School includes a variety of vocational courses, a wide range of core courses leading to a high school diploma, and GED courses.  

Each year the young men who come to Green Hill take advantage of the high quality academic and vocational programs offered. While here students may earn a high school diploma and valuable job skills.

In addition to core academic courses, Green Hill students have the opportunity to participate in wood shop, welding technology, auto mechanics, auto body repair, graphic art, vehicle maintenance, horticulture and landscaping, computer assisted drafting, computer technology and the Juvenile Vocational Industries Program or "JVIP". In these vocational offerings, students are taught pre-apprenticeship skills and behaviors that are consistent with industry standards and workplace expectations, while increasing education levels, vocational skills, and employability. 

We are located in Green Hill, a medium/maximum security fenced facility. Green Hill’s motto is helping young men change. Our school staff and state Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration staff work cooperatively to help each student become a responsible citizen who makes a positive impact on his family and community.